Sage Enterprise Management

Sage EM/Sage X3

Not all ERPs are created equal, Sage EM is a powerful and customisable system which means that each installation is unique. We therefore work closely with your Sage business partner and typically integrate through a SQL staging table to our Webservices. Good news is this give you a ton of flexibility and options for your integration.

Current connectors:

  • Customised, so we can do whatever you like!

Popular services for this connector:

  • Receive Retail orders digitally (Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Makro etc) as unprocessed sales order for single click processing, no more data capture!
  • Send Invoices back to Pick n Pay or Shoprite electronically and automatically without any input from your staff whatsoever
  • Subscribe to our B2B ordering Application and offer your trading partners an efficient way to order from you. The pricing is LIVE, and you can even return the invoices back to your customer ERP or POS electronically to close the loop
  • Create a supplier portal and make customer specific documents available to your suppliers through their bespoke logins, no more requests to accounts for the latest Invoice, Credit Note or Statement

What you need for these connectors:

  • SQL staging table, talk to your Sage business partner

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